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Registration,/check-in, and light breakfast and coffee
Gelsey Kirkland Academy, 8-9am


Introduction: Alexandra Gibson, Event Farm
Theater, 9-9:15am


Keynote: Ryan Costello, Event Farm
Theater, 9:15-9:50am


New Flavors, Lasting Memories
Fred Schonenberg
(Business of Offline)

How can pairing brands with unique experiences and new technologies lead to true customer engagement and fantastic results? Join Fred Schonenberg, Founder of VENTUREFUEL, which specializes in connecting Fortune 500 advertisers with emerging opportunities, as he shows you several emerging event experiences and several breakthrough technologies in this must-attend session. You’ll learn how to overcome lack of scale to deliver results for some of the world’s largest advertisers.
Theater, 10-10:40am


“Uber for Events” – The Rise of the On-Demand Brand Experience
Alex Frias, Track Marketing Group (Experiential Technology)

The on-demand economy, also known as the ‘Uber for X’ business model, has revolutionized consumer technology across all industries. Learn how to apply an experiential lens to this consumer behavior to allow your customer to get what they want, when they want it and (hopefully) bring your brand experience along for the ride.
Studio 1, 10-10:40am


The Patch: How to create an authentic, experiential music program to connect with teens & millennials
Farrah Bezner, Mondelēz
(Creating Experiences)

In this session, Farrah Bezner, Head of New Business Ventures at Mondelēz International, will ellow how to successfully embed a brand into the cultural conversation, citing Sour Patch Kid’s first-of-its-kind program called The Patch, which gives up-and-coming musicians places to stay, find inspiration, and create while on tour. Farrah will discuss the creation of the program, its evolution since launching in Brooklyn, New York in 2014, and the keys that allow this program to make meaningful connections with consumers.
Studio 2, 10-10:40am



#FOMO: The Little Details That Create Share-Worthy Experiences
Evan Carroll and Annie Pearce, Attended Events
 (Creating Experiences)

Consumers today value experiences more than things. And, perhaps more than they value experiences, they value sharing them with friends, giving way to the infamous #FOMO hashtag. #FOMO–fear of missing out–is one of the new goals for event professionals. Do your events trigger #FOMO for those who have missed out? Ours do. Evan Carroll and Annie Pearce, masterminds behind several North Carolina events, including the uber-successful High Five Conference, will share how #FOMO should be your new experience strategy. They’ll cover how the little details are the key to getting your attendees to share, triggering #FOMO and driving more attendees to your events in the future.
Studio 1, 11-11:40am

Human, meet Tech: UX Secrets from Tech @ Events
Clara de Soto, Event Farm
 (Experiential Technology)

You never know how a product will fair until you’ve deployed at scale. We’ll share everything we’ve learned from deploying Wearable Tech programs at some of the largest premium events in the country.

Events, be it giant music festivals, corporate conferences, or your niece’s bat mitzvah, all share the same unique quality: Events are where human beings come together to do what they do best–socialize–and, as inherently social creatures, events are where people learn to “be.” That’s what makes the influx of tech in the event marketing landscape so unique in that it’s not only a tremendous business opportunity, it’s an unfathomable learning experience for how human beings interact with, respond to, like/dislike technology. Every event tech implementation is a veritable deluge of learnings.

Attendees will learn:
1. How to let human behavior dictate technology, not the other way around
2. The most important factors in effective deployment of a new technology
3. The difference between forced engagement and native engagement
Studio 2, 11:00-11:40am


Leveraging Big Data to Improve Marketing Effectiveness and the Customer Experience
David Norton, GALE Partners
 (Business of Offline)

Big data is all the rage but many companies struggle with making it actionable for their business including creating more relevant experiences for their customers. Join David Norton from GALE Partners to hear about how clients from a variety of industries are achieving meaningful success.
Studio 3, 11-11:40am


Getting Clients to Own Their Activations
Patrick West, Be The Machine
(Agency Growth)

It is no secret that offline experiences require significant resources of time, people, and money. This forces clients and agencies to struggle with committing to these sorts of programs while more conventional platforms such as “media” receive long-term commitment. But what if the key to unlocking this commitment struggle was resting in the pocket of the client? In this presentation, Patrick West will share how his agency is growing by pushing the idea of ownership of activations to his clients. Ownership can take many forms but they all lead to one major result: an increase in investment.
Studio 1, 11:50-12:30pm


Activating Offline Video: Become the Master of Data to Drive Results
Dritan Nesho, Microsoft (Experiential Technology)

With the rise in digital video and the shift to non-conventional content viewing habits, audiences are no longer attached directly to their TVs. Instead, viewers are finding different avenues such as offline viewing to not only absorb content, but also to participate and to engage directly through various devices. In this session, Director of Technology and Civic Engagement at Microsoft, Dritan Nesho, will discuss the digital platforms that are integrating various software applications and services to gauge audience reactions, and how the data culminating from these experiences empowers marketers and advertisers.
Studio 2, 11:50am-12:30pm

Purpose + Place: Getting Beyond the Convention Center
Paul Beyer
(Creating Experiences)

The most impactful events inspire a greater purpose and social awareness in attendees. The authenticity of this interaction between stakeholders is in the details and the venue(s). Gain insights into coordinating an urban, multi-venue event and how to foster a sense of the unexpected through the creative use of public spaces with Paul Beyer, Director of the Tom Tom Founders Festival, a city celebration in Charlottesville, VA with over 38,000 attendees.
Studio 3, 11:50am-12:30pm


Theater stage and Studio 4, 12:30-1:30pm

From a Moment to a Movement: The Power of Collaboration
Shelley Zalis, The Girls’ Lounge
(Business of Offline)

Men do deals, women create relationships. Is this a gender divide, or an opportunity for gender equality? Shelley Zalis, CEO & Founder of The Girls’ Lounge, considers female collaboration imperative to the growth of businesses. By focusing on the power of the pack, companies become stronger, brands build loyalty, and interaction becomes engagement. Join us for an inspiring and impactful conversation about how an in-person moment has become a massive movement for women.
Studio 1, 1:30-2:10pm

Surprise and Delight: How American Express Uses Luxury Airport Experiences to Amplify Social Currency
Sarah Frese, American Express  
(Creating Experiences)

A credit card issuer entering the airport lounge industry? American Express defied expectations by creating a high-value, unparalleled experience with The Centurion® lounge network. Sarah Frese, program manager for The Centurion® Lounge, will speak on the value in surprising & delighting with experiences that deliver social currency for the customer and generates organic word of mouth for the brand.
Studio 2, 1:30-2:10pm

Five Event Technology Predictions
Lawrence Coburn, DoubleDutch 
(Experiential Technology)

In this session, DoubleDutch Co-Founder and CEO Lawrence Coburn will discuss some of the macro forces influencing event technology and drill down on such areas as event business models, the power of algorithmic recommendations, the rise of attendee messaging, and matchmaking engines. Core to the session is the idea that the physical and digital worlds are colliding, and that this collision brings with it opportunities for event planners and event marketers to develop new skills and grow professionally.
Studio 3, 1:30-2:10pm

Igniting Fan Passion and Brand Love Through Offline Experiences
Sadira Furlow, PepsiCo & Hillary Miller, Motive 
(Creating Experiences)

Offline experiences give us the opportunity to have in-depth, meaningful conversations with consumers—but how do we expand the experience from one-off interactions to true fan engagement? And how do we cultivate a community of fans who love our product and the brand behind it? Sadira Furlow, Mountain Dew’s Director of Brand Marketing, will speak with agency partner and Senior Account Director at Motive, Hillary Miller, about four recent campaigns for Mountain Dew—including two product launches, a major grassroots awareness initiative and a dynamic sports marketing initiative—diving deep into the ways offline experiences played a big impact in driving fan passion.
Theater, 2:20-3pm


The Million Dollar Question: ROI and Events Success
Toni Short, Shortlist Agency
(Business of Offline)

Evaluating the success of events is becoming more of a focus for marketers – but how do you quantify the value of an experience? Is there one simple formula to event ROI or is there more to it? Join Toni Short from Shortlist Agency to break down the metrics and look at the bigger picture of success and how to measure it.
Studio 1, 2:20-3pm

Finding the Sweet Spot: Translating Brand Narrative Through Unforgettable Moments
Jackie Lann Brockman and Jamie Krauss Hess, The Narrative Group
(Creating Experiences / Business of Offline)

Every brand has a message to deliver, and today’s marketers know their storytelling efforts need to be exceptional to rise above the cacophony. Experiential moments reign supreme and a picture (or a Snapchat!) is worth a thousand words. Consumers are skeptical of overt branding, so creating over-the-top experiences that feel authentic while still making mainstream brands shiny and cool for millennials is the name of the game. Jackie Brockman and Jamie Hess of The Narrative Group walk us through the formula for success, including their strategy for launching McDonald’s All Day Breakfast menu via a targeted program of integrated influencer events that garnered billions of impressions and landed All Day Breakfast in the hearts and twitter feeds of the American public.
Studio 2, 2:20-3pm

Candy Bar!

Gelsey Kirkland Theater, 3-3:30pm

Panel/Interview: Annie Wolfson, Facebook

Theater, 3:30-4:10pm


The Art of Hospitable Experiences
Jason Anello, Melt Shop 
(Creating Experiences)

In this session, Jason Anello, VP Marketing at Melt Shop, will cover 20 ways to use free technology in helpful ways to enhance live experiences and drive digital conversations.
Studio 1, 4:20-5pm


Using Offline Events to Build Relationships and Tracking Your Event ROI
Peyton Ladt, bashed 
(Business of Offline)

People like to do business with people they like. Sometimes, it’s that simple. In this seminar, Peyton Ladt, Co-founder and CEO of bashed, will explore the power of building relationships through offline events, and how to track and measure the ROI of those events to give you tools to justify your spend.
Studio 2, 4:20-5pm

The End Is Nigh! VR is Here, and It Means The End of Events As We Know Them
Liz Poston, Helios Interactive
(Experiential Technology)

Virtual Reality is not just a hot-button buzzword. It has arrived. It’s not just a novelty – it will have a major effect on not only branded experiences, but on how events themselves are designed. Meet Liz Poston of Helios Interactive when she discusses the wide ranging impact of this new medium and learn about how this will be used today and in the future.
Studio 3, 4:20-5pm

Closing remarks + OFFLINE toast
Ryan Costello, Event Farm

Theater, 5-5:30pm


Experiential Happy Hour
Theater stage and Studio 1, 5:30-7pm